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The St. Luke Women’s Missionary Federation (W.M.F.) held its first meeting November 1, 1944. The meetings were held in the church school house. The society became organized in 1945. The society purchased and used the material which was suggested and sent out from Headquarters for their programs. The Rev. A. Nickel was pastor of the church at this time. Bible study was lead by Rev. Nickel. Meetings were on the third Monday of the month at 8 o’clock.

There were sixteen charter members, and nine life members. Life memberships were “bought” through Headquarters.  In 1946, three members attended the National W.M.F. Convention held in Minneapolis, Minnesota.  Most of the meetings in 1948 were held in the Presbyterian Church basement waiting completion of the new Lutheran Church.

The new St. Luke Lutheran Church was dedicated on October 9, 1949. Our W.M.F. purchased the new electric stove. Also in 1949, a Mother’s Day Program was held and the offering “which was lifted” amounted to $15.75 and sent to further India Mission work. Another program assisted was New Guinea Missions. On June 22nd, a meeting was held in Jamestown to organize a society group. The name chosen was “The Mid-Dakota Group.” Societies involved were from Steele, Gackle, Medina, Eldridge, Jamestown, Carrington and Streeter. The theme of the meeting was “Christian Service.”

In 1953, glassware was purchased, $25 donated toward a piano for the basement and $4.75 was paid for sewer and water hook-ups. In 1955, known as the St. Luke American Lutheran Women’s Missionary Society, there were 38 members,including 8 charter members. A senior choir was organized. Husbands were invited to the February meetings. Pot-luck lunch was served. A World Day of Prayer Service was held in March. Clothing was sent to the Good Samaritan Children’s Home, Arthur, ND. Each member donated canned food for the Jamestown Cripple Children’s Home, a special needs project.

We are now known as the Women of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America (WELCA).

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