English Lutheran @ 11 am

St Luke @ 9am

Sunday school will be held at English starting at 10 am 


Welcome to the Medina-Streeter Parish.

The Medina-Streeter Parish is made up of two ELCA (Evangelical Lutheran Church in America) churches: English Lutheran in Medina, ND & St. Luke Lutheran in Streeter, ND.

These two one-point parishes joined together to form one two-point parish in 1982. At that point in time, both congregations found that an increasing percentage of their resources were being used in maintaining the pastoral ministry. As such, this left little or no resources to be used for outreach and missions. Both congregations felt that their ministries would be more effective if they joined together, sharing their resources for maintaining the pastoral ministry thus freeing up resources for both congregations to have more effective outreach and missions.

Currently the congregations of the Medina-Streeter Parish are served by Lay Readers.

Join us – All are welcome!

Sunday School (September – May):
English: Sunday at 10:00am
St. Luke: Kid’s Bible Night – Last Tuesday of the Month at 3:30pm